Trial & Error

It seems that the last two months I am stuck with methodological issues (for my PhD). I simply can’t seem to be able to write down how I do what I actually do. How can I validate my own working as some kind of methodology such as ethnography? I am just doing instinctively what I need to do. And that’s exactly where my problem begins.

In my last supervisor meeting I decided that the best approach is to be honest, so I just went and admitted that I avoid doing what I am expected to do. I prefer studying, watching performances, talking to people but not writing down my own methodology.

As a response, I got this blog! Funny ha? Well, let’s just say that one way or another, the PhD can be a mind blowing lonely process that you need to share or you can go cuckoo really fast! But most importantly, the task given to me is to share my studying/researching schedule as a kind of public commitment. Hopefully, this will work out (fingers crossed) or…so my “dreadful supervisors” think to believe.

For the time being, I have followed my weekly working schedule (#feeling_proud) and right now I am just playing with this blog. Image

Please don’t expect words of wisdom or helpful advices. I am just another confused and stressed PhD researcher on a trial and error process that keeps forever. On another note of course, I remain in love with my research (at least for a day in the week).

Till next week, have fun and enjoy.


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