coffeeYou wake up and it’s Monday. Another week full of potential, plans and dreams. For starters, you take your dog for a walk (essential), you make a cup of coffee (or two just to be on the safe side) and place yourself in front of the computer screen ready to start doing. Doing? Really?

Rewind. You place yourself in front of the computer screen and you start doubting. Doubting about your week, your schedules, your obligations…hell even about your Christmas decorations lying on your floor for some days now. Doing has never been more challenging than those tinny little instances when you stop and think. So, now what?

Another set of moments when you look at a digital, empty, white space -known as word document- and imagine what you would write on it. Do you think that graffiti people have the same problem? Staring at walls and doors for days? Anyway, I know myself well enough to spot these instances and acknowledge that they are time and energy consuming. My alarm goes on, yelling “save yourself from a day of misery and RE-schedule immediately!”. In other words, restart. Instantly, I press the little red “x” button at the top of the page and go on with my day as if nothing ever happened.

Next scene on Monday morning, I am watching on vimeo a performance that I am writing about. In the first ten minutes, I am completely absorbed, taking notes, making connections, stricken by a million ideas. By the end…Surprise! I find myself thrilled, unstoppable, ready to pin it down with words. There it is! Microsoft word I shall not let you win this time. I am ready for you.

Cause, in the end, we all need a little restart and a lot of inspiration.

Have a nice week everyone!


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