The basic questions

4 posts and some months later I return to reply to some basic questions. failure2

Here we go then:                              1. Why are you doing a PhD? Because I like writing, asking questions, researching and I do like Universities and students.

2. What is your PhD all about?                                           It’s all about specific Greek choreographers who during a period of sociopolitical crisis have engaged with alternative production and communication modes and with historical narratives in their works. I argue that they are trying to articulate a new discourse within a shifting context and on my behalf I try to outline these new possibilities being generated and their significance. (that is I guess my briefest description)

3. What is your methodology?                                                                                    That’s a really tricky question but for now I would say I combine theoretical approaches of arts and their sociopolitical context along with ethnographic fieldwork where I get to participate at and observe ongoing artistic practices, communication codes, relations that are being established, performances and whatever comes along.

4. Does anyone else really care?                                                                                Well, that’s for someone else to reply to, but I can always count on my dreadful supervisors, the artists participating, part of the academia, part of cultural policy makers (or they should at least), my colleagues and my friends (because they are my friends).

5. Where are you right now?                                                                                            I am on my second year of research and still haven’t produced any adequate written material but hopefully that will happen as well.

6. How much time do you invest?                                                                                Well, sometimes I work all day. Other times, I skip a day or two and have a break, but the real thing is that research never gets out of my mind. It’s like a constant, personal reminder of what I have to do, look at, examine, write, see, attend, participate etc. Never ending questions and anxiety come along with the PhD process, at least for me.

7. When will it be over?                                                                                                   It’s suppose to be 3 years, it eventually becomes 4 years but yet again I really don’t know. Fingers crossed for 4 years which means 2 and a half to go

8. What have you learned so far?                                                                                 Up til now, I’ve learned that doing a PhD you get to know more about yourself than anything else…

9. What comes after the PhD?                                                                                          For starters, a big celebration party, followed by some vacations and then who knows? I’ll tell you when I get there.

10. Any wishes?
To make it up to the end with no casualties and my sanity intact.

Maybe next year I’ll have different answers to the same questions since time moves in mysterious ways. Have a nice (sunny) weekend cause it’s Friday. TGIF!